Re: Latest Chassis MIB Draft

David Arneson <> Mon, 10 August 1992 18:20 UTC

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From: David Arneson <>
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Subject: Re: Latest Chassis MIB Draft

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> Date: Mon, 10 Aug 92 08:41:01 EDT
> How 'bout one more state for chasEntityAdminStatus:
>     restoreToDefaults(5) - setting this object to this state
>     restores all of its non-volatile parameters to their
>     factory default state and resets the module (see reset(4)).
> and for chasEntityOperStatus:
>     nonFatalFailure(7) - indicates that the device's self-test
>     has detected a non-fatal fault.  The device operates are less than
>     a fully functional level in the presence of non-fatal errors.
> which is useful if, say, one port of an 8 port terminal server is
> broken.  And also for chasEntityOperStatus:
>     needProgramLoad(8) - indicates that the device is waiting
>     to be loaded.
>     loading(9) - indicates that the device is attempting to load.
The above sound fine to me.  If there are no complaints I shall add these.

> What is the intended use of chasEntityArgument?  I know it's described
> as "implementation specific", but can someone give me an example or two?
This comes from the current Cabletron implementation as based upon what
was submitted by Manu Kaycee.  We use this to control how a component is
initialized.  For example a bridge uses it as a bit field and every bit
corresponds to an interface.  When a bit is set the bridge is active on
the specified interface (this is one step higher than what is permitted
by the bridge MIB here the entity does not even know other interfaces

> The latest draft is a definite improvement.   Good job.
> 							-Shawn   
/David Arneson