Chassis MIB WG Agenda

Jeff Case <> Sat, 14 March 1992 09:03 UTC

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Subject: Chassis MIB WG Agenda

Below is the tentative agenda for the first meeting of the Chassis MIB WG.

If you have suggested changes, please contact either of the co-chairs before
the meeting.

See you there.

Chassis MIB WG -- March 17, 1992

Bob Stewart

Jeff Case

Mailing List: to add/delete/modify



	Review Charter

	Chassis Information Model

	Define Scope of Work

	Review Contributed MIBs

		Keith McCloghrie, Hughes LAN Systems ( and
		Donna McMaster, Synoptics (

		Manu Kaycee, Cabletron (

	Plan For Producing Baseline Documents

	Next Meeting Date and Location