Chassis MIB comments (Dan Romascanu) Sun, 23 August 1992 12:24 UTC

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Subject: Chassis MIB comments


Keith writes:

> David's question (to me) to define "concentrator" versus "repeater" was
> a good question. If somebody can suggest un-ambiguous definitions
> of these, I'd be happy to have them separated out again.
Concentrator: A (device implementing a) node that has additional ports
beyond those required for its own attachement to the network. (Ref.: Kessler,
Train - MAN - Concepts, Standards and Services).

Repeater: Device that extends the geographical coverage of a network by
interconnecting two similar LANs, such as Ethernet or Token Ring. Operating
at the physical layer of the OSI layer, it repeats (amplifies, reshapes,
retimes) packets received from one LAN before sending them to the other.
(Ref.: Terplan - Communications Network Management).

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