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Speaking as the Area Director (note the From: line)...

On April 14th, a message was sent to the Chassis MIB WG indicating that
it had exceeded its lifetime and was being granted an extension until
July 5th.  By that time, it was to have achieved concensus on a
document.  As such, any meeting of the working group in Amsterdam would
be inappropriate.

Yesterday's note from the chair was to determine if there was concensus
on the current draft.  I am waiting to hear about the outcome.

  - If there is concensus that the current draft is the WG's completed
    output, then, as with any MIB module finished by a WG, the draft will
    be reviewed by the NM Directorate.

  - If there is not concensus that the current draft is the WG's completed
    output, then, the WG will be considered concluded until such time as
    resources permit the charter of a new WG effort.

Meeting in Amsterdam is not an option.  "Fair warning" was given twelve
weeks ago, and there have been no complaints in the interim...

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Greetings.  First, I want to congratulate the working group for making
some real progress in modeling last week at the IETF meeting.

Second, I regret to inform you that Jeff Case has asked to withdraw as
co-chair of the working group.  As you probably know, Jeff has been
heavily involved with many IETF-related activities such as the IAB/IESG
nomination process, and now needs some time for other activities.
Bob Stewart, formerly co-chair, is now sole-chair of the working group.

Third, after reviewing the charter, I find that the working group is
three months past its chartered lifetime.  This concerns me quite a bit.
After having seen the progress last week, I do not want to terminate the
working group.  On the other hand, I can not let this effort continue

In reviewing the charter of the working group, three tasks are

  - to develop MIB objects relating the physical resources and logical
    functions within a chassis device;
  - to develop MIB objects instrumenting the operational state of a
    power supply in a chassis device; and,
  - to develop MIB objects representing aggregated information about
    collections of network devices.

The first was a mandatory task, the other two are optional.

After attending last week's meeting, it appears that the working group
has a handle on the first two tasks, but has not yet begun work on the
third task.

So, in order to allow for the working group to reach a successful

  - the working group is directed to focus its efforts on the first two tasks;

  - if, by July 5, 1993, the working group has not achieved consensus on
    a document and indicated this to the area director, then I will ask
    the IESG to terminate the working group; and,

  - the third task is now considered out of scope for the working group.

The members of the working group should appreciate that I have provided
this three month extension because it is my hope that it will allow
the working group to focus and reach consensus.  However, at the end of
this extension, the working group will be six months over due.  If it
has not completed its work by that time, then I feel that continuation
of this effort will not be of service to the community.

Thank you for your understanding,

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