Chassis MIB Update

"David L. Arneson" <> Thu, 24 June 1993 21:40 UTC

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Subject: Chassis MIB Update
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 93 17:07:08 -0400
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From: "David L. Arneson" <>

Hello everybody,

I have posted another update to our chassis MIB draft.  You should be
seeing it in the near future.  The changes I have made are as follows:

	- Many to many mappings between modules, resources and entities
	  in fact I have 2 tables the first is indexed module, resource,
	  entity.  The second is index entity, resource, module.

	- I added a MIB view table indexed by entity and view index.
	  This includes community, IPaddress and Context.

	- I fixed many typos, MIB errors etc.

The following work remains as of yet:

	- Get working group concensus on one of the many models, or yet
	  a differnt model.

	- Clean up text at start of the MIB to discuss in more detail
	  the existing objects.

	- Add example information based on examples provided by Pete Wilson.

	- Check compilation of the MIB.

I will be working on these over the next few days.  I thought it was important
to get the MIB in front of you for your consideration rather than wait for
me to get these other items cleaned up.

/David Arneson [] [ (603)337-5238 ]