Latest draft questions

Joseph Zur <> Wed, 21 April 1993 16:29 UTC

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From: Joseph Zur <>
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Subject: Latest draft questions

Hi all,

A few questions and remarks on the latest chassis MIB draft
dated April 19,1993.

1) chasType - 
   a. The OID chadTypeUnknown is not defined anywhere
      within the MIB. 
   b. Why shouldn't we try to define as many
      chasType values as possible in the MIB, and only those 
      implementors who will not find a predefined value will
      come up with their own value which will be allocated within 
      the SMI enterprisess subtree(
   c. if the SNMP agent implementing this MIB sole purpose is the 
      management of a chassis then this value should be the same
      as it's sysObjectId value, on the other hand if an entity 
      (i.e bridge card) is also the chassis manager and implements the
      chassis MIB then it may (or should) have a different chasType.
      I think some words explaining this should appear in the description
2) chasPhyLocationType - See 1.b
3) (Typo) chasPhyLocationDescr - apears in chasPhyLocationEntry sequnce as
4) (Typo) Numbering of objects in chasPhyLocationType is wrong (number 2 apears
5) chasModuleType - 
   a. The OID chasLocationUnknown is not defined anywhere
      within the MIB. 
   b. See 1.b
6) Is the chasModuleLocation is an index into the chasPhysLocation table,
   If yes, I think that every object which acts as an index into another
   table should have an explicitly description saying so in its description 
7) chasEntityObjectID,chasEntityDescr - why have those here? the manager 
   can get them from the entity itself. I think that the chassis manager
   should hold all the information about the chassis configuration and not any
   redundant information about entities within that chassis.
8) The config tables - I understand that those two tables are basicly
   the same table sorted by different keys. If so, why not have the tables
   look alike. meaning that if one table has an object chasPhyModuleID then the 
   other should have chasLogModuleID or both should have chasXXXConfigModule.
   The description part should also be identical for the instance of the 
   physical module within both tables. and also the description should say
   explicitly which table and index this object defines.

--- Joseph Zur

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