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From: (Joseph Zur)
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Subject: Re: The future

> I do have a couple of concerns I wanted to bring up.  First I'm not sure we
> want to delete the concept of the segment that an entity is connected to.
> I feel that we can view segment as either backplane segment or backbone,
> rib etc in a more general sense.  I feel the information is useful
> to have in this MIB.

I totaly agree with this view, the segment table and the configuration table
are most helpful specially when trying to use the chassis MIB to describe a
"logical" chassis rather then the traditional one.

> The other concern I have is that Pete treats the backplane as a module.
> I question if this is the correct view for us to take?  I could go either
> way I just want to get other views.

Again in the traditional chassis the backplane was quite simple and did not have any
"features" and for example contained all the segments in the chassis.
In a "logical" chassis the backplane may be also a "logical" one and as such may have 
segments which are connected internally and externally. therefor I find it logically
to treat the backplane as a module.
It is my belive that it is better to put in the effort so the backplane can be treated
as a module and let those who want to use it to be able to, and those who don't will not,
rather then having those who want to treat the backplane as a module not be able to 
do so.

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