Chassis MIB and SNMPv2

Dan Romascanu <> Tue, 01 June 1993 17:26 UTC

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From: Dan Romascanu <>
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Subject: Chassis MIB and SNMPv2

I am at the first reading of the Chassis MIB draft posted last Friday by
David Anderson. I have several remarks, but I keep them aside for the
moment because there is one question which I feel should be answered before
everything. This MIB imports Party and Context from RFC-1447 which is
belonging to the SNMPv2 stack and is out of the Network Management Framework
as defined by Chapter 2.
Is this a mistake? Is it intentional? If yes, how should SNMPv1 agents behave?
(implementation of chasEntityTable where these types are used is mandatory).
As far as I understand, after Columbus the consensus was that for the moment
we continue to write MIBs 'SNMPv1 Style'. But this leaves us without a proper
definition of parties and context. Are we in some kind of a catch or do I miss

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