Questions on hetrogenous device chassis (novice - long)

ulowell!! (Paul Michali) Wed, 09 December 1992 21:37 UTC

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Subject: Questions on hetrogenous device chassis (novice - long)
To: (Chassis MIB Work Group)
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 16:09:42 EST
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Myself and several associates have been tasked to develop a SNMP agent for
a chassis that will contain up to 16 cards.  The 16 slots can contain
any one of four different board types.  For example, slots 1,3,5 could 
have LAN cards, slots 9-15 could have X.25 cards and slot 4 could have a
Frame Relay card.  One entity could consume more than one slot (i.e. 
multiple ports over several cards), but one could never have more than
one entity per slot.  One could have one entity per slot, but there are
cases where the user can have one X.25 controller with multiple I/O port
cards in several slots.

We have just received the chassis MIB that this working group is working
on, and we are trying to understand the MIB better and see how it would
fit our application.

Granted we are all new at SNMP, MIBs, etc. so please bear with us (or yell
at us if this is an inappropriate place to post this).  Here is a list of
questions from us (there may be some overlap of questions as I just mashed
them all together, trying to eliminate redundancies).

A1) Are segments internal or external connections to the chassis ?
A2) Do they link two entitys, represent a port to port connection, or reflect
    the type of interface connected?

B1) In general how is a slot related to a set of MIBs? Is chasConfigIndexType
    used to point to a MIB for that device?
B2) What if a slot has an entity that has > 1 MIB to reflect it's functional-
B3) How does the chassis MIB tie together slots, entities, and
    ports on an entity?

C1) On the ChasEntityEntry is the object id a branch or a leaf on the MIB
    tree ?
C2) Related to that, is the ChasEntityTable used to validate requests for
standard MIB variables by providing details of what variables are valid for
a particular community name, or are the leafs on the table entries the actual
objects themselves. To give an example, if I want to get SysDescr for a board
in a slot that we identify with community name "boardX", can I send a normal
get request for SysDescr in community boardX, and have the agent validate this
request against the entries in the ChasEntityTable before returning the value,
or should the request itself be for the ChasEntityEntry that describes the
SysDescr for that community.

Thanks in advance for any information,

PCM, and others.

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