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Bob Stewart <> Tue, 13 April 1993 20:18 UTC

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Here are the minutes of our meeting in Columbus.  I'll wait a few days for
comments, then forward the result to Megan.


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Date: Thu,  1 Apr 1993 13:25:45 -0800 GMT
From: Marshall Rose (via RadioMail) <>
Subject: minutes

minutes of the chassis mib wg
april 1, 1993
chairs: jeff case, bob stewart
scribe: marshall rose

1. agenda approved

2. current draft is dated jan 27, 1993

3. dave arneson presented a revised model for the chassis mib.  it consists of
three kinds of things within a chassis - modules, resources, and entities.
each resource is used to build up a single module; independently each resource
is used to build up a single entity.  the first relationship is used to
describe the physical location of a resource.  the second relationship is used
to describe the logical functional unit for management access.

there are three primary tables in the model
    - a module table indexed by location type and slot number
    - a resource table indexed by loc-type, slot-#, and resource-#
    - a entity table indexed by entity number

there was some discussion that the resource table should be two logical
tables: one indexed by module info, and the other indexed by entity info.

a remaining question was what access information is necessary for v1 and v2.

4. rick royston discussed implementation experience.  he was concerned that
indexing was difficult, but thought that the new model would help.  he was
also concerned about keeping the mgmt application informed when the chassis
configuration changed.  finally, there was concern about dynamic rules for
what card is allowed to go in which slots.

5. actions:
    - dave arneson to revise draft based on model
    - jeff case and marshall rose to investigate entity access information.