Re: Schools and IETF

Brian Lloyd <> Mon, 21 March 1994 16:40 UTC

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Whether or not teachers and educators should attend IETF is a fruitless
debate.  There is no right and no wrong place for discourse and education.
Education "happens".  It will happen where people who know come together
with people who want to know.  It happens on a street corner, it happens at
breakfast tables, it happen at the IETF, it even occasionally happens in
schools (much less likely there since most students seem to have become
conditioned against wanting to learn).

OK, so the IETF is not the ideal place for this discourse.  At least the
teacher/administrator who goes to IETF is assured of knowing that someone
there knows answers to their questions.  Probably a better chance of
learning something there than, say, going to their local computer store or
networking products vendor.

So teachers/administrators keep coming to the IETF.  Some will catch the
networking "bug" and will progress to a much higher technical level.
Perhaps the ISN-WG could organize collateral educational sessions and can
invite the wizards to participate.  The advantage is that the wizards are
already there and I don't know a single one who wouldn't be willing to
spend an hour talking about how to solve a particular problem.

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