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April Marine <> Thu, 07 April 1994 05:13 UTC

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Just a couple of comments on the notes re the ISN mtg at IETF.  I
think the pressure of having been switched to an earlier place in the
agenda when Bill broke the lace on his ice skate must have unnerved me
enough that I wasn't clear on a couple of points in my little
presentation.  Thanks for throwing the flowers at the end anyway, though.

>        IETF Internet School Networking Working Group (ISN-WG) Minutes
>                             Seattle, Washington

>2.  Status report on ISN task: "Define the information to be included
>in an online database of educational people involved in networking,
>recommend a process for collecting and updating the data, and
>coordinate with a directory services provider to implement the

>April Marine reported on activities in this task.  The volunteers
>(Sallie Fellows, Sally Laughon, April Marine) had agreed that this was

   A couple of other people need to be ack'ed here, esp Bruce Daley.
   Also Marilyn Smith of ERIC.

>Questions were raised about the feasibility of items b. and c.  There
>is an RFC out on privacy concerns and NIC operations (Holbrook, P.,
>and J. Reynolds, Editors, "Site Security Handbook", FYI 8, RFC 1244,
>CICNet, ISI, July 1991).

   Actually, the RFC I was referring to was: Curran, J. and A. Marine,
   "Privacy and Accuracy Issues in Network Information Center
   Databases," FYI 15, RFC 1355, August 1992.  Both RFCs are wonderful
   reading, but I think the chase scene at the end of FYI 15 is
   especially riveting.

that's all!