Re: TN3270 RFC (RFCE)

Cleve Graves <> Tue, 20 July 1993 17:06 UTC

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azi and others,
     I aploligize for the brain death of the RFCE posting I made yesterday.
My posting has been called RFCE in our previous discussions and I got my
wires crossed yesterday and posted it as TN3270E instead of RFCE (just got
back from vacation and I'm brain dead).
     Bill's posting is the new RFCS standard for improving TN3270 and my
posting is the draft for TN3287E based on the present TN3270 protocols,
which are due to be documented in the RFCI effort.
     Sorry for the confusion!


P.S. Bill and Bob, The new SNA what is it section I added to the from of
the document might be better in the RFCI document, as it is really relevant
to all 3 of our RFCs.

In message Tue, 20 Jul 93 17:41:43 +0200, rndi!azi@uunet.UU.NET (azi)  writes:

>Can you tell me the diffrence between your TN3270E RFC to the one published
>by Bill Kelly ?  Are those  diffrent suggestions ?
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