FAQ Doc Before Amsterdam

Jennifer Sellers <sellers@lupine.nsi.nasa.gov> Wed, 09 June 1993 00:34 UTC

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Hi all,

The FAQ document which is to be in good shape for the Amsterdam IETF
is available again for your perusal and comments.  You can get it via
Anonymous FTP at nsipo.arc.nasa.gov /pub/isn-fyi.txt

I am getting ready to post it in three parts (it's kinda long) to three
of the education mailing lists -- Ednet, CoSNdisc, and Kidsphere -- for
feedback from actual educators.  When you read the document, please
notice that it is still very US-centric.  If that can be remedied at
least a little bit before Amsterdam, that would be great, so those of
you not in the US, please consider helping to broaden the focus by
letting us know about resources, conferences, etc.

Both April and Jennifer will be leaving early for Amsterdam, so please
have any comments to us by June 25.  That gives you more than two weeks.

If anyone wants me to post the doc here, let me know.  Comments can go
to either sellers@nsipo.arc.nasa.gov or amarine@atlas.arc.nasa.gov

Jennifer Sellers
April Marine