Re: Minutes of the ISN meeting

April Marine <> Fri, 16 April 1993 15:40 UTC

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Around about last July the secretariat started appending the list of
meeting attendees to the minutes of the meetings, so if you look up
minutes of meetings from July on, you should be able to get an idea
of who attended.  However, it's just names and email addresses, so
you'd have to extrapolate from domain names where people are from.
As far as I know, there is no country coded db, although the secretariat
may be able to extract information like that from their attendence
records.  However, just knowing who was at IETF is not the same as
knowing who was at ISN, so my guess is there's no easy way to gather
that info.

The minutes are kept online in the ietf dirs.  The ISN minutes would
be in ietf/isn/isn-minutes-YYmon.txt, e.g. isn-minutes-92jul.txt.
If you need more pointers as to where ietf dirs are or how to access
them, just let me know.  You can get the info via email if you can't
do ftp (that's just a general comment to the list :-).


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