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This is in response to Bruce's request for interest and attendees to the next
IETF, in Amsterdam.  Someone from CoSN will attend, myself or Bob Carlitz being
likely (without yet having discussed this with Connie Stout or Art St.George).
We will see how we round up the funding.  I take note of your suggestions about
revising the charter.  The revisions to remove the US-centric flavor are, of
course, unobjectionable, and I'll gladly work to see them made.

We will probably shift the co-chairship of the Working Group, and I'll be glad
to hear suggestions for a non-US cochair..  It would be wonderful to be able to
have 10-15 individuals from various non-US, non-European countries with a pri-
mary interest in primary/secondary school networking at Amsterdam.  Would you
be willing to help secure support for partial (or more) funding for some of
these individuals to travel?  Perhaps some of the lurkers on this list can sug-
gest some names of people to urge to come and some potential funders for them..

John Clement

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