Final Agenda for Amsterdam

Jennifer Sellers <> Wed, 30 June 1993 15:14 UTC

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Here is the final agenda for the Amsterdam ISN meeting, which looks
suspiciously like the tentative one.  Please wait for the announcement
of Internet Draft draft-ietf-isn-faq-01.txt (note version 01) to down-
load the FAQ doc, as that's the version we'll use to discuss the doc at
the meeting.

           Internet School Networking (ISN) Working Group
                           Amsterdam IETF
              Thursday, 15 July 1993, 13:30 - 15:30

1.  Introductions  [35 minutes]

Who's represented?
What projects in school networking are represented?
What other projects in school networking are known about?

2.  Accept or Modify Meeting Agenda  [5 minutes]

3.  Review FAQ Doc; set next milestone  [15 minutes]

4.  Review Connectivity Doc; set next milestone  [15 minutes]

5.  Review and Revise Charter  [35 minutes]

6.  Any Other Business  [5 minutes]

Please read BEFORE the meeting and bring with you when you come:

"Answers to Commonly Asked Elementary and Secondary School Internet
User Questions," Internet Draft draft-ietf-isn-faq-01.txt

"Connectivity Models for Internet Access," in top anonymous ftp
directory as models.mar93 from: