NVT data on TN3270 session

azi <rndi!azi@uunet.uu.net> Wed, 21 July 1993 05:08 UTC

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Peter wrote:

>2. I'm puzzled by the inclusion of NVT-DATA as one of the data types,
>   and RFC provides no explanation for its presence, or how it is
>   intended to be used.  I'm not necessarily saying it should be
>   removed, but could someone explain the motivation behind it?
>   Traditionally, NVT data is sent either before 3270 mode has been
>   negotiated, or later only after negotiating an end to 3270 mode.
>   Nothing in the RFC would seem to preclude continuing to do that.
>   Also, nothing in the RFC seems to preclude sending a block of
>   NVT data at any arbitrary time in the middle of a 3270 session.
>   What is a client expected to do if that happens?  If it's not
>  intended to be used that way, that needs to be clarified.

I think this is a usable option. It can be used for any internal
server-client communication. Currently, if the server has something
to say to the client (e.g. internal security) it should send it in a 3270
data stream. Allowing NVT data to be sent will allow it to be done
in normal ASCII data stream, the native data stream for may servers.

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