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Looks like the process is accelerating.  Here's the latest from
Deutschland, courtesy of Joyce:


Bruce and Vint,



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From: (Klaus Fueller)
Subject: Internetworking for Schools in Germany
Date: Mon, 24 May 1993 12:06:50 +0200 (MEST)
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I'm writing to you as, one of the responsables for
networking in schools in Germany.  I got your address and the address of
your mailing list from Ruediger Volk.  I joined the mailinglist today
--- I hope it works.

We are a group of teachers in Germany which is promoting the use of
networks in schools and in teacher-training.  With the support of the
German Unix User Group (GUUG) we created the Domain `' as an
organizational hook-up for schools in our country.  At the moment, we
have 90+ schools connected to the UseNet/Internet and we have developed
some basic material about networking in schools.  We drive a
Newsgroup-Hierarchy in German: SCHULE.* and are participating in an
European News-Hierarchy: SCHOOL.*, mainly in English.

The current situation in Germany:

Many schools are actively participating in "Aquadata", an ecological net
on water-quality in lakes and rivers.  Others participate from time to
time in international dicussions such as "racism and hostility against
strangers".  Some schools (such as mine) have established email-projects
with different other schools mainly in Europe.

We have a lack of

     - concepts to bring interested partners together
       (some sort of moderators or "animateurs")
     - meaningful FAQs with educational-related questions
     - universities which support the connection of schools

As a consequence of the last point many schools (such as mine) do not
get the K-12-Hierarchy because they have to transfer data over
long-distance phone-calls.

In some federal states the educational administration is playing with
proprietary network-protocols which at the current time hinder(?) the
internetworking of schools.

I'm strongly interested in participating in your work and I would like
you to inform me of your activities.  As far as I see, I will not be
able to participate in the meeting in July in Amsterdam but I will check
it out in the following days.  Do you have an agenda?  If you send an
official invitation to me, that would faciliate my position.  Please

     Lichtenberg-Schule Kassel
     Klaus Fueller
     Brueckenhofstr. 88
     D-3500 Kassel
     Tel: +49-561-402031 (school)
          +49-561-405366 (priv)

after July, 1st the postcode is changing to D-34132

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen          Klaus M. Fueller, Kassel

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