ISN Charter

Jennifer Sellers <> Mon, 28 June 1993 21:58 UTC

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Since I received no complaints or suggestions about the tentative agenda
I sent out a couple of weeks ago, it will stand.  One of the items is a
review (and possible revision) of the charter, so I'm sending you the
charter for your consideration.  Will send out the agenda again in a
day or so.


Internet School Networking (isn)


     John Clement  <>
     Arthur St. George  <>
     Connie Stout  <>

User Services Area Director(s)
     Joyce Reynolds  <>

Mailing lists:
     To Subscribe: body: sub isn-wg <name>

Description of Working Group:

The Internet School Networking Working Group is chartered to
facilitate the connection of the United States' K-12
(Kindergarten-12th Grade) schools, public and private, to the
Internet, and school networking in general.

It is critically important that national networking for K-12 education
proceed along established lines of protocol, using existing network
structures.  The Working Group's first priority will be to establish
guidelines for specialized user interfaces.  K-12 networking will also
require other support services, such as directories, online and
hotline help, specialized training programs and collaborative projects
with instructional and curriculum groups, disciplinary groups and
postsecondary institutions.

While the initial focus is school networking in the U.S., the Working
Group will coordinate its efforts with similar activities in other
countries and regions of the world.

Goals and Milestones:

     Done Meet for the first time at IETF and establish approval of Charter.
          Examine the status of projects in process when Working Group was
          created. Begin work on list of deliverables.

   Jan 92 Release X.500 ``K-12 People Directory'' version in collaboration with
          Merit.  Develop plans and milestones for K-12 Resources Directory.

   Mar 92 First draft of information packet document for computing directors to
          assist them in connecting K-12 schools.  First draft of user
          interface guideline statement.

   May 92 Release X.500 K-12 Resource Directory version in collaboration with
          Merit.  Present final draft guideline statement.