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"Vinton G. Cerf" <> Wed, 05 April 1995 22:19 UTC

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thanks for the concrete message. Here is where I think
we stand today. I have NOT had our counsel or our accountant
review these comments, so I am asking them by CC: to keep me
honest if I have made misstatements. Ditto the trustees who
are also copied.

1. $25K has been allocated specifically for legal counsel for IESG.
   Disbursement from ISOC upon receipt of invoice from counsel -
   if we do not have a letter of agreement from counsel, that should
   be taken care of (an action for Geoff Stewart). 

2. Additional funds TBD for other work, and would most likely
   be allocated based on a budget developed with IESG. 

3. the cleanest disbursement mechanism would be to have an agreed
   budget and invoices coming to ISOC for disbursement from there
   so that our accounting can properly record the expenses. An IESG
   person could be authorized to make commitments in accordance
   with the agreed budget - much in the way we have handled conferences
   with non-ISOC chairs/treasurers. We would probably execute a
   letter agreement with the authorized party to spell out the
   responsibility for staying within the budget and providing
   adequate documentation for charges (invoicing ISOC is one way
   to do that). 

4. As long as the expense falls within the budget and is consistent
   with allowed ISOC activities (non-profit constraints), it does
   not matter whether the expense is domestic or international.

5. There is a preference on my part to provide some staff support
   out of the Reston office but this is by no means an absolute
   requirement in my opinion.

6. Insurance for WG chairs and probably area directorates will
   almost assuredly fall outside the ambit of the Director's and
   Officer's liability insurance coverage that was recently
   extended to IAB and IESG members. One of the key questions will
   be exactly what is it that is to be defended by the insurance.
   Perhaps Geoff Stewart can be of some help here, having studied
   the question of liability for standards making in some detail.

7. Support for "hostless" IETF meetings? Can you say a bit more
   about what that actually might mean? If at INET, it sounds as  
   if it might be for space, and perhaps audio-visual equipment,
   and consumables? Are these "hostless" meetings intended to be
   the same scale and structure at the conventional three meetings
   such as the Danvers one, or is this something more informal
   and smaller? Just not sure how to respond without a more 
   complete understanding of what is intended.

Thanks for a constructive effort, Paul.


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> During the POISED meeting on Monday and in separate
> corridor conversations, both Paul and other IESG
> members indicated how valuable it would be to have
> one or two knowledgeable support staff provided to
> assist IESG members in their work.  The IAB Executive 
> Director and the IAB Chair also indicated the 
> desire to have "part-time" support for the IAB of 
> one person.

This level of agreement is simply not there NOW.  To get to this level
of agreement,

The IESG would like:

A concrete statement that $x is available with x identified.  A range
is fine, so long as it isn't too vague.

A defined procedure for receiving approval of a proposed amount with
identification of an ISOC person responsible for approving requests.
I'm assuming we are at a stage where the money is there, and it will
be spent for any good purpose, and we are not in the mode of having to
submit a proposal which gets considered at the next BoT meeting.

A defined disbursement procedure.  That is, who holds the checkbook.

Any notable strings.  For example, if we identified a person who could
work from the University of Montana or Sydney on documents or web
pages, would this be unacceptable, and only staff time in ISOC Reston
meet the qualifications here?

While I would imagine that Tony's ideas are on the list, they are not
my personal top priorities.

Likely expenses include:

1. Legal help with POISED.

2. Insurance for WG chairs

3. Expenses associated with hostless IETF meetings, such as INET 96.

4. Innovative programming for web tracking of standards process, etc.

Obviously, the amount of money will influence our choices.


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