[Crisp] Last Call Comments on common-transport-03

Marcos Sanz/Denic <sanz@denic.de> Wed, 23 August 2006 11:04 UTC

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Hello Andy,
hello all,

yet again, here are some last call comments (sorry):

Section 3: On the use of attribute "language" for all <description>: RFC 
3470 strongly recommends to use the attribute "xml:lang" for these 
purposes instead.

Section 3: Wouldn't it be more compact to have a <authenticationResult> 
instead of two sepparate elements for one semantic? Then 
<authenticationResult> would have a child choice between <success/> and 
<failure/> (together with the potential <description> children). This is 
just optimization, I really don't care much about this.

Section 3: Why is the attribute protocolId of type "token", but the other 
Ids (extensionIds, authenticationIds) are "normalizedString"? I know that 
the only difference is the whitespace collapsing, I just want to know if 
there's some deeper meaning behind that.

Section 4: Seeing the comments on the lwz draft in the general IETF 
mailing list, I don't know if it's fortunate to list dreg1 in the example 
as being transported over iris.lwz

Section 1: s/specifed/specified/
Section 1: s/comforant/conformant/
Section 4: s/Each of these element types/Each of these element types 
(except <versions>)/
Section 4: s/optionalal/optional/
Section 4: s/identifers/identifiers/
Section 4: s/transfered/transferred/
Section 4: s/transfer of data is counted/transfer of data could be 

And the actualization/corrections of the references section, but this has 
already been mentioned for the lwz draft in the general list.

Best regards,

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