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Thanks for your note, there has been a lot of mail on this topic over the past
week, but the conclusion is (and I restate it here for final sanity check
since we have been around this issue so much):

	1.  When we turn the document to draft (there is 1 typo I know needs
to be fixed) we will also include the old table with the status of 'obsolete'

	2.  We will introduce a new table which will be identical to the one
you implemented except for the changes necessary for the index.  Specifically
it will be indexed as you suggest:

	{ phivAdjCircuitIndex,phivAdjNodeAddr }.

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I discussed the use of index for the Adjacency Group with Jon in
May 92. My suggestion was the double-index architecture which seems
to be the result of your discussion: 

	{ phivAdjCircuitIndex,phivAdjNodeAddr }.

Jon's reply lead me to implement the table with the single integer
index. The index is designed similar to the index proposed by Art:

	((CircuitIndex * 65536) + AdjNodeAddr).

We have already implemented the DECnetIV-MIB (RFC1289) in our router
products, which we are releasing very soon. I still agree that the 
double-index architecture is the best solution, so I will modify
our implementation to conform with the drafted MIB specification.

Sven Olav Lund, Dowty Network Systems.

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