New MIB Draft has been sent to internet-drafts

Jon Saperia <> Fri, 25 June 1993 14:25 UTC

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Subject: New MIB Draft has been sent to internet-drafts
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From: Jon Saperia <>
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I have just forwarded to the internet-drafts people, a new version of the
DECnet Phase IV MIB Extensions.  I believe this document reflects all of
the changes we have discussed and agreed to over the past 18 months.
The specific changes I made are:

    1.  Since the required format for internet-drafts is different than
    that of RFCs, I have changed a bit of the boiler plate to meet this
    requirement.   Nothing of substance has changed and in fact, it will
    be changed again to be what you are familiar with when the document
    is re-issued as an RFC.  I have used experimental 5 as the root for
    the draft since that was assigned to us when we first began the
    working group a long time ago.

    2. I noticed that there were some inconsistencies in the margin
    spacing for some of the objects, I hope I have corrected them all.
    This is a cosmetic change only.

    3.  I have added the space which was missing between SYNTAX and
    INTEGER in the phivRouteType object.  I have made this object
    obsolete.  See next item.

    4.  phivRouteType and phivRouteSystemAddr have both been made
    obsolete.  They have been replaced with phivRouteRoutingType which
    is now read-write and phivRouteSystemAddress which is also now a
    read write object.
    5.  The new Adjacency table has been added as adjacency 2 and object
    phivAdjNodeExecListenTimer has been removed from this table as
    previously discussed.  The existing Adjacency table and all objects
    in it have been made obsolete.

    6.  The objects phivCountersCountDataBlocksRecd and
    phivCountersCountDataBlocksSent have both been made obsolete since
    they had identical DESCRIPTION information with the
    phivCountersCountDataBlksRecd and phivCountersCountDataBlksSent
    which have been retained.

    7.  I have made the corrections to the conformance wording of the
    groups moved to optional status.  Please see the recent
    Implementation Report which has been published as an internet-draft
    if you would like more detail.

That is it. If I have missed something please let me know.  I have run
the new MIB through mosy and there were no problems found.  I will
assume we can forward this on to our area director for consideration as
a Draft Standard to replace the existing RFC1289 if we do not discover
any new errors (or newly created ones) over the next week. 

	Jon Saperia, Digital Equipment Corporation			
	Voice/FAX  508-952-3171/3023
 DECnet Phase IV MIB