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Subject: DECNet Phase IV MIB
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 93 12:26:03 -0400
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The current draft of the DECNet Phase IV MIB in the internet-drafts
directory designated, draft-ietf-decnetiv-mibext-00.txt, represents
the output of our working group. 

This version includes the few very well documented changes which
have been requested over the past 18 months. No additional changes 
have been requested to this document in the two weeks it has been an 
internet-draft. The announced review period has also expired. 

Once again, I wish to thank the members of the working group for the
help they provided during the revision and review period.  

This note is our request to our Area Director to move this document
forward in the process as a Draft Standard.

Thank again


	Jon Saperia, Digital Equipment Corporation			
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