recent phiv questions Thu, 02 April 1992 19:58 UTC

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Subject: recent phiv questions
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Over the past few weeks, I have been getting a number of clarification
questions about the Phase IV mib.  

I am posting two here for one person who to this point has not had a
mail address - he is working with his company to fix that.

The first question is on phivCountersCountEntry 7 which is: The number
of multicast bytes received.    I was asked why we did not also have
MulticastBytesSent.  As near as I can tell this may have been an
oversight in the early days of Phase IV decnet since it is not in any
of the reference documents that I can see.  If people really feel this
is Mandatory, I suppose this could be put in when we make the typo
corrections in preparation for movement to draft, though this is a way off.

The second question was to discover if there is a mechanism to count
data blocks sent to individual adjacencies on an ethernet.  Currently
there is a way to cound total blocks - but not on an individual node
basis.  This is somewhat complicated by the fact that it is possible to
hae different block sizes for each of your adjacencies.