Re: MCNS Telco Return DHCP Messaging

Mike Carney <> Tue, 15 April 1997 17:24 UTC

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>      When the DHCP_discover message is send it passes through the TRAC and 
>      reaches the DHCP server. But the return path is different. The trick 
>      to make DHCP_offer reach CM via CMTS is:
>           When CM generates DHCPDISCOVER it fills the 'giaddr' with the 
>           address of CMTS. The DHCP proxies (if any) relay the message to 
>           DHCP server without changing the 'giaddr'. DHCP server sends the 
>           offer to 'giaddr' (CMTS). And CMTS sends the DHCPOFFER to CM.
> Is there any DHCP server/proxy implementation that the above method will 
> not work?
> Do you see any problems?
> All ideas/comments/problem scenarios are welcome.

Hi Burcak,
	This should work just fine. 

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