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Erik Nordmark <> Thu, 20 September 2001 08:24 UTC

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> > I suspect that the real constraint is that the client MUST send the
> > message on an interface attached to the same *LINK* as the interface it
> > is trying to configure. When the client has multiple interfaces attached to
> > the same link the server/relay can't tell which one was used (short of
> > inspecting the source MAC address which may or may not differ).
> How does the client know that two interfaces are attached to the same
> link?   Better to leave well enough alone.

I suspect IEEE 802.3ad could tell the client such a fact. Of course one
could view 802.3ad as providing a single interface to IP, but the scoped
address architecture does include the ability of having IP "see" multiple
interfaces to the same link.

But that's beside the point - which is to not overconstrain the spec 
with MUSTs that aren't quite true.


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