[dhcwg] Clarification necessary

Artur Guja <skybird@3miasto.net> Fri, 14 September 2001 19:07 UTC

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Hello listees,

There are several points in the DHCPv6 draft than I feel need
clarification in further drafts.
I understand that some of it may seem clear to you, some of it may
have already been discussed. Nevertheless I would appreciate maybe
just a little note on EACH of htese points.

1) Does the server include DUID option in ADVERTISE or REPLY?

2) Should the client save its leases to a file or do they just go to
the memory? IOW, are they lost upon reboot?

3) What is the server's reply to a DECLINE? Is there none, or is it a
REPLY message? What is in such a REPLY? (New leases or empty IAs???)

4) Why should there be more than one address assigned to an IA? If so,
how can a client indicate it wants more than one address? (The IAs
have to be empty in SOLICIT).

I'm currently working on an actual implemtation of DHCPv6 for my
diploma at the TUG (Technical Univ of Gdansk). I'd appreciate any

Thanks in advance,
Artur G.

PS: The best help would be to get DHCPv6 to a FINAL standard ASAP, so
that I could be sure what to write :))))

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