RE: [dhcwg] Obtaining DHCP lease information

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A list of leases?  I'm not aware of any draft or RFC that covers that.
There is a draft which given an IP address, you can query the DHCP server
for information on that lease, but that would depend upon the DHCP server
implementing that functionality.

As I look at it again, you will be able to query by IP Address, MAC address,
or Client-identifier.

Now, if your particular application only ever needs to query a particular
vendor's DHCP server, you would have to contact that vendor to see if they
have some proprietary extensions to the protocol, or other APIs that you
could use to get the list of leases.

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From: Jeffrey Breukelman []
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Subject: [dhcwg] Obtaining DHCP lease information

Forgive me if I'm sending this email to the wrong place - I've attempted to
find the right place. 
I have a request to build an application that can, among other things,
retrieve DHCP lease information from a DHCP server.  That is, to remotely
query a DHCP server, and have it return a list of leases and lease times.  I
have been able to find no way to do this.  Can anyone tell me if this is
Thanks for your help. 

Jeff Breukelman 
Sr Network Consultant 
NTG Clarity Networks