[dhcwg] ddns-update-style and dhcp renewal

bao <bao@gibbons.com> Fri, 19 April 2002 00:09 UTC

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I followed the recommendation to use dhcp 3.01rc8. However, the config
file for this version is not the same as that of 2.0xx. It requires the
use of "ddns-update-style ...".

What are the options for this line??

Currently, I have "ddns-update-style interim". This allows dhcp to
start, however, it always complains in the log file about "Unable to add
forward map from client.domain.com to server_ip: timed_out".

The second problem i'm encountering is when a lease is going to be
expired soon, the client owning the release  requests for a renewal.
This does not work and so the client loses its IP eventually. The log
shows many DHCPREQUEST from client and DHCPACK from server.

Although dhcp documenation says it's a must to have rules allowing
broadcast packets (67 and 68) through the firewall, I don't have this
enable and other machines (mostly 98) have no problem. The client having
problem is an NT, while other NTs also work fine.

Thanks for any pointers

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