[dhcwg] Question on DHCPv6 Draft 23.

"Paul Tan" <tanpaul@cwc.nus.edu.sg> Wed, 20 March 2002 06:48 UTC

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Hi all,

we are currently trying to implement a DHCPv6 client/server (draft 23) in
Linux environment. Are there any active implementations working on the
latest DHCP draft 23 ?

I have a few questions concerning the DHCPv6 draft 23.

1) After a client sends out a SOLICIT with an IA option attached (no IA Addr
Opt), the server will basically reply with an ADVERTISE message with some
addresses attached in the IA Addr options.

- Does the lifetime for this IA starts after the server sends the ADVERTISE
message ? How does the server knows whether if the client has decided to use
the address advertised by this server, when in fact the client has chosen
some other server ?

2) When the client receives the ADVERTISE message, it will attempt to
configure its interface with the assigned address from the list of server's
ADVERTISE messages.
- Does it need to send a REQUEST message immediately after the ADVERTISE
message to confirm that the client is using the address from a particular
- What is the main purpose of the REQUEST message ? Get the configuration
info of a particular IA ?

3) I'm a bit confused with the following paragraph in the draft...
- ... if the server will not assign any addresses to IAs in a subsequent
REQUEST from the client, the server SHOULD either send an ADV message to the
client that includes only a status code option (AddrUnavail) for the user or
not respond to the SOLICIT message....

Thank you for your kind attention.

Institute for Communications Research

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