[dhcwg] Rebind failure behavior

"Guja, ArturX" <ArturX.Guja@intel.com> Fri, 21 September 2001 14:04 UTC

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I have encountered one totally counter-intuitive thing in the
draft 19.

The text reads as follows:
" The server will respond to the Rebind message with a Reply message.
   If no Reply message is received within REP_MSG_TIMEOUT milliseconds,
   the client retransmits the Rebind with the same transaction-ID, and
   doubles the REP_MSG_TIMEOUT value, and waits again.  The client
   continues this process until a Reply is received "

So, basically, if the first server is down, and no other server
is willing to respond to a REBIND (they don't have to, if they do
not "feel" authoritative about this particular client's leases)
the client goes HANG and stays there.

I believe this will have to be changed to some timeout or

Artur Guja

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