Re: [dhcwg] dhcpv6-24: use of anycast

Thomas Narten <> Thu, 09 May 2002 12:07 UTC

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Subject: Re: [dhcwg] dhcpv6-24: use of anycast
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Ole Troan <> writes:

> >> If all IPv6 links support multicast, then we don't need the anycast address
> >> for DHCP.
> >
> > This would be my assumption. Do folks have examples of link types they
> > are concerned about?

> ATM,

See RFC 2491 and 2492. Multicast is supported. At least in the case of
SVC/PVC. Not clear that anyone uses anything else (i.e., pure NBMA

> Frame Relay RFC2491)



Always modeled as a p-2-p link, so mcast is trivially defined.


MPLS is a funny one. I don't think it is typically viewed as an NBMA
cloud. Also, MPLS is used within the core, by routers, and NOT at the
edges, so I'd think DHC is not really applicable in general here.

> 6to4

Not clear that this is applicable. The router defining 6to4 is an IPv4
box on the interface and uses DHCPv4. It does provide IPv6 support,
but this is explicitely in an environment where IPv6 is not supported
by the upstream. So DHCPv6 doesn't seem applicable; it it was, why
would one even be using 6to4?


Not clear this is applicable.

> if routers use DHCP (e.g Prefix Delegation) then support is needed
> for the first set of media. hosts connecting through an ISATAP cloud
> could very well need DHCP I should think.

This is not at all clear to me.

99% of the applicability of DHCv6 will be traditional media, i.e.,

Another thought. The IPv6 over foo documents provide specifics for how
to run IPv6 over that media. In some cases, those documents can
override defaults for running IPv6 over a media in general. For
example, one can change the number of times one retransmits in
DAD. The default is 1, but a specific document can make that 0 or 2,

Perhaps one could take the approach that DHC uses link-local multicast
by default, unless the specific link-layer over FOO document says use
anycast. This is cleaner than saying "use anycast over NBMA" because
its clearly specified on a case-by-case basis.


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