[dhcwg] Re: Several reminders

Ted Lemon <mellon@nominum.com> Tue, 28 August 2001 01:39 UTC

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> I didn't say that you shouldn't have references. What I said was that 
> writing a number in little square brackets doesn't exempt the writer from 
> the normal rules of English grammar. Footnotes and endnotes are not the 
> English language equivalent of "#include".

Ah, I see.

So is what I did misleading or confusing, or do you just think it's
bad style?

If it is the latter, I don't disagree, and I will follow your
recommendations in the next draft I write, but I do not want to have
to change this draft now.   The usage about which you are complaining
was cribbed, IIRC, from a draft that is now an RFC.   :'}


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