[dhcwg] FWD: Re: New mDNS configuration language

Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com> Fri, 14 September 2001 16:09 UTC

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From: Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>
Subject: [dhcwg] FWD: Re: New mDNS configuration language
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Are folks on the dhcwg list following ths mDNS thread on namedroppers?

There are discussions on rfc2937 that I think folks here could
contribute to.


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From: Bernard Aboba <aboba@internaut.com>
To: Aidan Williams <Aidan_Williams-A15677@email.mot.com>
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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:18:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: New mDNS configuration language

> > mDNS enable/disable option can support multiple scopes, no?
> > 
> Yes, but not in this way:
>   mdns-link-local, netbios, mdns-site-local, isp-dns

Yes, RFC 2937 can provide the *order* in which the services are used.

> I view mdns-enable as an additional search-list proposal, to a large
> extent overlapping rfc2937, and without the ability to interleave
> different mdns multicast scopes with other name services (as above).

Not sure I agree with that. mdns-enable doesn't overlap with RFC 2937,
since that document isn't clear about enable/disable semantics. 

> Maybe the real problem is that nobody wants to (or has) implemented
> the host support for rfc2937 as is.

Is that true? No implementations at all? 

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