RE: [dhcwg] Conflicting information regarding DHCP options 82 and 83.

"Bernie Volz (EUD)" <> Wed, 09 October 2002 18:42 UTC

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Subject: RE: [dhcwg] Conflicting information regarding DHCP options 82 and 83.
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How do we officially get these comments to IANA? Is this something Ralph
would handle?

I also recall that there was some past discussion on cleaning up the
option assignments, to get some numbers reclaimed or removing some
assignments that were not widely implemented and had no RFC behind
them. I don't recall who volunteered to do it - I also didn't notice
it in the recent WG Meeting Minutes.

Below is an updated "BOOTP Vendor Extensions and DHCP Options" adding the RFC
number for each option defined by an RFC.

There was one draft that defined an option number explicitly and this was
also included (some of the other option numbers may have been defined in
earlier revisions of current drafts or in drafts that since have expired).
Though I could have missed some as well!

   Tag     Name                  Length  Meaning          
   ---     ----                  ------  -------          
    0      Pad                      0    None                          [RFC2132]    
    1      Subnet Mask              4    Subnet Mask Value             [RFC2132]
    2      Time Offset              4    Time Offset in                [RFC2132]
                                         Seconds from UTC
    3      Router                   N    N/4 Router addresses          [RFC2132]
    4      Time Server              N    N/4 Timeserver addresses      [RFC2132]
    5      Name Server              N    N/4 IEN-116 Server addresses  [RFC2132]
    6      Domain Server            N    N/4 DNS Server addresses      [RFC2132]
    7      Log Server               N    N/4 Logging Server addresses  [RFC2132]
    8      Quotes Server            N    N/4 Quotes Server addresses   [RFC2132]
    9      LPR Server               N    N/4 Printer Server addresses  [RFC2132]
   10      Impress Server           N    N/4 Impress Server addresses  [RFC2132]
   11      RLP Server               N    N/4 RLP Server addresses      [RFC2132]
   12      Hostname                 N    Hostname string               [RFC2132]
   13      Boot File Size           2    Size of boot file in 512 byte [RFC2132]
   14      Merit Dump File          N    Client to dump and name       [RFC2132]
                                         the file to dump it to
   15      Domain Name              N    The DNS domain name of the    [RFC2132]
   16      Swap Server              N    Swap Server addeess           [RFC2132]
   17      Root Path                N    Path name for root disk       [RFC2132]
   18      Extension File           N    Path name for more BOOTP info [RFC2132]
   19      Forward On/Off           1    Enable/Disable IP Forwarding  [RFC2132]
   20      SrcRte On/Off            1    Enable/Disable Source Routing [RFC2132]
   21      Policy Filter            N    Routing Policy Filters        [RFC2132]
   22      Max DG Assembly          2    Max Datagram Reassembly Size  [RFC2132]
   23      Default IP TTL           1    Default IP Time to Live       [RFC2132]
   24      MTU Timeout              4    Path MTU Aging Timeout        [RFC2132]
   25      MTU Plateau              N    Path MTU  Plateau Table       [RFC2132]
   26      MTU Interface            2    Interface MTU Size            [RFC2132]
   27      MTU Subnet               1    All Subnets are Local         [RFC2132]
   28      Broadcast Address        4    Broadcast Address             [RFC2132]
   29      Mask Discovery           1    Perform Mask Discovery        [RFC2132]
   30      Mask Supplier            1    Provide Mask to Others        [RFC2132]
   31      Router Discovery         1    Perform Router Discovery      [RFC2132]
   32      Router Request           4    Router Solicitation Address   [RFC2132]
   33      Static Route             N    Static Routing Table          [RFC2132]
   34      Trailers                 1    Trailer Encapsulation         [RFC2132]
   35      ARP Timeout              4    ARP Cache Timeout             [RFC2132]
   36      Ethernet                 1    Ethernet Encapsulation        [RFC2132]
   37      Default TCP TTL          1    Default TCP Time to Live      [RFC2132]
   38      Keepalive Time           4    TCP Keepalive Interval        [RFC2132]
   39      Keepalive Data           1    TCP Keepalive Garbage         [RFC2132]
   40      NIS Domain               N    NIS Domain Name               [RFC2132]
   41      NIS Servers              N    NIS Server Addresses          [RFC2132]
   42      NTP Servers              N    NTP Server Addresses          [RFC2132]
   43      Vendor Specific          N    Vendor Specific Information   [RFC2132]
   44      NETBIOS Name Srv         N    NETBIOS Name Servers          [RFC2132]
   45      NETBIOS Dist Srv         N    NETBIOS Datagram Distribution [RFC2132]
   46      NETBIOS Node Type        1    NETBIOS Node Type             [RFC2132]
   47      NETBIOS Scope            N    NETBIOS Scope                 [RFC2132]
   48      X Window Font            N    X Window Font Server          [RFC2132]
   49      X Window Manmager        N    X Window Display Manager      [RFC2132]
   50      Address Request          4    Requested IP Address          [RFC2132]
   51      Address Time             4    IP Address Lease Time         [RFC2132]
   52      Overload                 1    Overload "sname" or "file"    [RFC2132]
   53      DHCP Msg Type            1    DHCP Message Type             [RFC2132]
   54      DHCP Server Id           4    DHCP Server Identification    [RFC2132]
   55      Parameter List           N    Parameter Request List        [RFC2132]
   56      DHCP Message             N    DHCP Error Message            [RFC2132]
   57      DHCP Max Msg Size        2    DHCP Maximum Message Size     [RFC2132]
   58      Renewal Time             4    DHCP Renewal (T1) Time        [RFC2132]
   59      Rebinding Time           4    DHCP Rebinding (T2) Time      [RFC2132]
   60      Class Id                 N    Class Identifier              [RFC2132]
   61      Client Id                N    Client Identifier             [RFC2132]
   62      Netware/IP Domain        N    Netware/IP Domain Name        [RFC2242]
   63      Netware/IP Option        N    Netware/IP sub Options        [RFC2242]
   64      NIS-Domain-Name          N    NIS+ v3 Client Domain Name    [RFC2132]
   65      NIS-Server-Addr          N    NIS+ v3 Server Addresses      [RFC2132]
   66      Server-Name              N    TFTP Server Name              [RFC2132]
   67      Bootfile-Name            N    Boot File Name                [RFC2132]
   68      Home-Agent-Addrs         N    Home Agent Addresses          [RFC2132]
   69      SMTP-Server              N    Simple Mail Server Addresses  [RFC2132]
   70      POP3-Server              N    Post Office Server Addresses  [RFC2132]
   71      NNTP-Server              N    Network News Server Addresses [RFC2132]
   72      WWW-Server               N    WWW Server Addresses          [RFC2132]
   73      Finger-Server            N    Finger Server Addresses       [RFC2132]
   74      IRC-Server               N    Chat Server Addresses         [RFC2132]
   75      StreetTalk-Server        N    StreetTalk Server Addresses   [RFC2132]
   76      STDA-Server              N    ST Directory Assist. Addresses[RFC2132]
   77      User-Class               N    User Class Information        [RFC3004]
   78      Directory Agent          N    directory agent information   [RFC2610]
   79      Service Scope            N    service location agent scope  [RFC2610]
   80      Naming Authority         N    naming authority 
   81      Client FQDN              N    Fully Qualified Domain Name   [DRAFT-IETF-DHC-FQDN-OPTION]
   82      Relay Agent Information  N    Relay Agent Information       [RFC3046]
   83      Agent Remote ID          N    Agent Remote ID               
   84      Agent Subnet Mask        N    Agent Subnet Mask             
   85      NDS Servers              N    Novell Directory Services     [RFC2241]
   86      NDS Tree Name            N    Novell Directory Services     [RFC2241]
   87      NDS Context              N    Novell Directory Services     [RFC2241]
   88      IEEE 1003.1 POSIX        N    IEEE 1003.1 POSIX Timezone
   89      FQDN                     N    Fully Qualified Domain Name
   90      Authentication           N    Authentication                [RFC3118]
   91      Vines TCP/IP             N    Vines TCP/IP Server Option
   92      Server Selection         N    Server Selection Option
   93      Client System            N    Client System Architecture
   94      Client NDI               N    Client Network Device Interface
   95      LDAP	                  N    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
   96      IPv6 Transitions         N    IPv6 Transitions
   97      UUID/GUID                N    UUID/GUID-based Client Identifier
   98      User-Auth                N    Open Group's User Authentication [RFC2485]
   99      Unassigned
   100     Printer Name             N    Printer Name
   101     MDHCP                    N    DHCP multicast address
   102-107 REMOVED/Unassigned
   108     Swap Path 	            N    Swap Path Option
   109     Unassigned
   110     IPX Compatability        N    IPX Compatability
   111     Unassigned
   112     Netinfo Address          N    NetInfo Parent Server Address
   113     Netinfo Tag              N    NetInfo Parent Server Tag
   114     URL                      N    URL
   115     Failover                 N    DHCP Failover Protocol
   116     Auto-Config              N    DHCP Auto-Configuration       [RFC2563]
   117     Name Service Search      2    Name Service Search           [RFC2937]
   118     Subnet Selection Option  4    Subnet Selection Option       [RFC3011]
   119     Domain Search            N    DNS domain serach list
   120     SIP Servers DHCP Option  N    SIP Servers DHCP Option       [RFC3361]
   121     Unassigned
   122     Unassigned
   123     Unassigned
   124     Unassigned
   125     Unassigned
   126     Extension                N    Extension
   127     Extension                N    Extension
   128-254 Private Use
   255     End                      0    None                          [RFC2132]

- Bernie

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From: John Schnizlein []
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 1:31 PM
To: Woundy, Richard
Subject: RE: [dhcwg] Conflicting information regarding DHCP options 82
and 83.

And DHCP option 83 should also be part of this IANA cleanup.
I recall a remark in an IETF plenary that IANA was still planning
to clean up the assignments, and that DHCP options was recognized
as needing work.

Thanks for the historical explanation of the (erroneous) option 84.


At 01:10 PM 10/9/2002, Woundy, Richard wrote:
>IANA seems to be a little more confused than we realize.
>Looking at, I see:
>   82      Agent Circuit ID         N    Agent Circuit ID
>   83      Agent Remote ID          N    Agent Remote ID
>   84      Agent Subnet Mask        N    Agent Subnet Mask
>And then later on the same page:
>DHCP Agent Sub-Option Codes  per [RFC3046]
>Code    Sub-Option Description                 Reference
>-----   -----------------------                ---------
>   1    Agent Circuit ID Sub-option            [RFC3046]
>   2    Agent Remote ID Sub-option             [RFC3046]
>   3    Sub-option 3 is reserved and should      [Droms]
>        not be assigned at this time;
>        proprietary and incompatible usages
>        of this sub-option value have been
>        seen limited deployment.
>   4    DOCSIS Device Class Suboption          [RFC3256]
>It appears that IANA assigned three DHCP option codes (82-84) when only one
>DHCP option code was assigned in RFC 3046 (82).
>Note that an earlier draft of RFC 3046 had a third suboption, "Agent Subnet
>Mask Sub-option", that was removed prior to RFC publication -- this is why
>suboption 3 is "reserved". That's why I think option 84 should be part of
>this IANA cleanup.
>-- Rich

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