[Diffserv-interest] CFP: Next Generation Internet Symposium at ICC 2002

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                    CALL FOR PAPERS
           Next Generation Internet Symposium

April 28-May 2, 2002 New York, NY USA

As part of ICC 2002, a symposium on the Next Generation Internet
will be held. Participation in this symposium is open to all 
registrants of ICC 2002 (i.e. a separate registration is not 

Papers submitted for consideration to the symposium should focus on 
topics related to the Next Generation Internet (i.e. addressing 
issues and areas that will not be deployed in the public Internet 
for at least 3-5 years). Examples of topics of interest include:
  * NGI Performance                    * NGI Architecture
  * QoS - Fact or Fiction              * Streaming Media
  * Home Networking-based Internet     * Voice over IP
    Services                           * Internet Service
  * Internet Appliances                * Next Generation Optical 
  * NGI Protocols                        Internet
  * NGI Operations & Management        * NGI Applications and
  * Monitoring and measurements          Services
    for next-generation networks       * NGI modeling and
  * Middleboxes (in-the-net services)    simulation tools
  * Network-friendly applications      * Interplanetary issues

Instructions: The paper submission schedule and process is the same 
as for the general ICC 2002 conference (see 
http://www.icc2002.com/InfoForAuthors.html). Be sure to indicate the
Next Generation Internet (NGI) symposium as the target for your
paper on the cover page and also list the relevant hot topic(s).
See the ICC 2002 Call for Papers for detailed submission
Instructions (i.e., schedule, paper-length, etc.).

Business Application Sessions (i.e. panel discussions) proposals are 
also welcome. For these, please submit session proposals to Stan
Moyer and include a brief description of the session, along with
bios of the session organizer/moderator and the proposed speakers.
Further information can be obtained from:
  Stan Moyer                       Michael Devetsikiotis 
  General Co-Chair                 General Co-Chair 
  Telcordia Technologies           North Carolina State University
  stanm@research.telcordia.com     mdevets@eos.ncsu.edu 

Sponsored by the following IEEE Communications Society Technical 
 * Communications Systems    * Computer Communications
   Integration & Modeling    * Communications Software
 * Personal Communications

Technical Program Committee:

     Symeon Papavassiliou, New Jersey Institute of Technology 
     Nelson Fonseca, State University of Campinas, Brazil 
     Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute-Alsace, France 
     Mohammad Ilyas, Florida Atlantic University 
     Algirdas Pakstas, University of North London 
     Ray Sundararaman, Lucent 
     Amitabh Mishra, Virginia Polytech 
     Joe Touch, USC Information Sciences Institute 
     Tim Moors, Polytechnic University 
     Bassam Hashem, Nortel Networks 
     Alagan Anpalagan, University of Toronto 
     S.-H. Gary Chan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
     Sung Jun Lee, HP Labs 
     Elizabeth Royer, UC Santa Barbara 
     Muhammad Jaseemuddin, Nortel Networks 
     Ted Faber, USC Information Sciences Institute 
     Eric Nahum, IBM Watson Research 
     Vishal Misra, University of Massachusetts 
     Behcet Sarikaya, Alcatel USA 
     David Harle, University of Strathclyde, Scotland 
     Jogesh Muppala, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology 
For more information, see: