[Diffserv-interest] Re: [Tsvwg] Re: [NSIS] PPS and MF-PHB

"MORITA, Naotaka" <morita.naotaka@lab.ntt.co.jp> Tue, 11 November 2003 16:25 UTC

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At 00:38 03/11/11 +0100, Roland Bless wrote:
 >Hi Naotaka,
 >On Fri, 07 Nov 2003 09:36:44 +0900
 >"MORITA, Naotaka" <morita.naotaka@lab.ntt.co.jp> wrote:
 >> I would like to draw QoS experts attention to the following three documents.
 >> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-morita-tsvwg-pps-01.txt
 >> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-morita-tsvwg-mfphb-00.txt
 >> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-morita-tsvwg-mfverify-00.txt
 >> I am going to make a presentation on Monday morning at TSV WG.
 >After reading draft-morita-tsvwg-mfphb-00.txt and attending your
 >presentation, I have some remarks related to this approach:
 >- I'm not quite sure whether this is really a PHB definition.
 >  It seems to me, that it is actually a mix of
 >  * a scheme for measured-based admission control and resource provisioning
 >  * a Per-Domain Behavior (see RFC 3086)
 >  * a PHB group description

Your understanding is correct, but I do not think it is a mix.
The key of the PPS is to utilize PHB for admission control.
The proposed new PHB, MF-PHB refers to two-subclasses,
but we do not have to define it as a group description.

 >- The scheme inherently relies on feedback information and it should be made
 >  clear how the feedback can be provided (you mentioned RTCP as an example,
 >  what about others?).

Yes, it is.  As the PPS, I would like to describe the feedback mechanims,
but for a PHB, we do not have to.

 >- Instead of defining a new PHB, possibly two Class Selector PHBs
 >  or even an AF class can be used ("green" packets get high priority after
 >  admission control, "yellow" and "red" packet may be used for probing).
 >  AF usually gives no guarantees for delay and jitter, however, if AF is
 >  provisioned properly, "green" packets may get some guarantee.

This kind of disucssion is what I wanted to do.
Sorry for spending much time on me presentation only.
Are you refering to Three Color Marker in RFC2697 and RFC2698?

 >- For security and robustness, it is essential to police the markings
 >  for the higher priority. Otherwise the service guarantees for other users
 >  are violated by a malicious or ill-behaving end-system. Therefore, I think
 >  first-hop routers should do the policing (based on the feedback
 >  information?).

I agree.  Are there any opinion about the description in pps framework document?
Not sufficient?

 >- I see some value in the overall approach, but IMHO the proposal may
 >  be turned into a description for a measurement-based
 >  admission control scheme and PDB using Class Selector PHBs.
 >I copied to the relevant lists (diffserv-interest and tsvwg) as I'm
 >interested in other opinions.

Me, too.

 >Best regards,
 > Roland
 >tsvwg mailing list

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