Re: [Diffserv] parameters section missing from the Diffserv PIB

Kwok Ho Chan <> Fri, 13 September 2002 17:58 UTC

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Please see response embedded below.
-- Kwok --

At 09:54 AM 9/13/02 +0200, Yacine El Mghazli wrote:
>Kwok Ho Chan wrote:
>>Yacine, Jussi:
>>The Diffserv PIB already IMPORT Dscp and IfDirection from different 
>>modules of
>>the Diffserv MIB.  So I did not think there is any issue to also reused 
>>the definitions
>ok for reuse but here we're talking about OIDs...
>my question is: what is the signification of MIB-specific OIDs within a PIB ?

These "OBJECT-IDENTITY" are just constant values used to represent a 
parameter (more like a global #define in C).  They are just as if 
is defined in a PIB.  We are thinking of new PIBs reusing technology 
dependent definitions
in either existing PIBs or MIBs, whenever possible.
Hope this answered your concerns.

>in the previous versions of the PIB draft, these were identified by PRIDS, 
>they pointed towards a PRC within the same PIB... how does it work now ?

In DSPIB-06, IfSchedulerCapsServiceDisc and TBParamType were of type
"OBJECT IDENTIFIER", referencing objects of type "OBJECT-IDENTITY",
for example qosTBParamSimpleTokenBucket and qosSchedulerPriority.

Now they are of type "AutonomousType" which are TCs with syntax of
"OBJECT IDENTIFIER", as defined in RFC 2579 (SNMPv2-TC).
Referencing objects of type "OBJECT-IDENTITY", for example 
diffServTBParamSimpleTokenBucket and diffServSchedulerPriority.

Hence there is no change from the compiler point of view, and no change
from a usage point of view.  This is not related to PRIDS.

>>for dsTBParamType and dsIfSchedulerCapsServiceDisc from the Diffserv MIB as
>>advised during IESG review.
>>The Diffserv PIB's references to the Diffserv MIB are clearly specified as:
>>    dsIfSchedulerCapsServiceDisc OBJECT-TYPE
>>        SYNTAX      AutonomousType
>>        STATUS      current
>>          "The scheduling discipline for which the set of capabilities
>>          specified in this object apply. Object identifiers for several
>>          general purpose and well-known scheduling disciplines are
>>          shared with and defined in the Diffserv MIB.
>>          These include diffServSchedulerPriority,
>>          diffServSchedulerWRR, diffServSchedulerWFQ."
>>    dsTBParamType OBJECT-TYPE
>>        SYNTAX       AutonomousType
>>        STATUS       current
>>          "The Metering algorithm associated with the
>>          Token-Bucket parameters.  zeroDotZero indicates this
>>          is unknown.
>>          Standard values for generic algorithms are as follows:
>>          diffServTBParamSimpleTokenBucket, diffServTBParamAvgRate,
>>          diffServTBParamSrTCMBlind, diffServTBParamSrTCMAware,
>>          diffServTBParamTrTCMBlind, diffServTBParamTrTCMAware,
>>          diffServTBParamTswTCM
>>          These are specified in the Diffserv MIB."
>>I believe the above text is clear.
>>Please advise if improvement can be made.
>>-- Kwok --
>>At 09:31 AM 9/12/02 +0200, Yacine El Mghazli wrote:
>>>I was wondering about this point:
>>>how are the OIDs identified in the MIB senseful within the PIB ?
>>>my understanding is that the PIB is an AUTONOMOUS named data 
>>>structure... in this context, what is the meaning of an OID referencing 
>>>nothing in the PIB itself ?
>>>thank you for your explanations,
>>>Wijnen, Bert (Bert) wrote:
>>>>I think they are the parameters that have been sepcified and identified 
>>>>in the diffserv MIB (RFC3289)
>>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>>From: Lemponen Jussi []
>>>>>Sent: woensdag 11 september 2002 23:02
>>>>>Subject: [Diffserv] parameters section missing from the Diffserv PIB
>>>>>Reading through draft-ietf-diffserv-pib-09.txt, I noticed that
>>>>>the parameters section in the PIB itself is missing. The descriptions
>>>>>for attributes dsTBParamType and dsIfSchedulerCapsServiceDisc do still
>>>>>imply that some parameter definitions should be there.
>>>>>Jussi Lemponen
>>>>>Tampere University of Technology
>>>>>Institute of Communications Engineering
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