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Steve Hardcastle-Kille <> Tue, 03 September 1991 14:11 UTC

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I did say this!!

Lets try some text:

  An implementation should state the level of connectivity it can offer
  to the pilot directory service operational on the Internet in North
  America, and to pilots co-ordinated by the PARADISE project in Europe.

  Levels of connectivity are:

  None: There is some reason why this cannot be achieved

  Not Tested:  It should work in principle, but has not been tested

  DUA Connectivity:  A DUA may be connected to the pilot, and information
  on any pilot entries looked up.  The DUA should be able to display standard
  attributes and object classes and those defined in the COSINE and Internet
  Schema.   Inability to display certain attributes (e.g., photos) should
  be noted as a caveat.  It should be stated whether any pilot participants
  are using a given DUA.

  DSA Connectivity:  A DSA should be connected to the DIT, and information
  in this DSA accessible from any pilot DUA.  This is regarded as a minimum
  demonstration of the ability of an implementation to connect.   A DUA
  associated with this DUA should be able to access any entry in the pilot.
  It should be stated whether or not there is support for Internet DSP.


 >From:  Ruth Lang <rlang@com.SRI.NISC>;
 >Subject: volunteer action item
 >Date:  Mon, 26 Aug 91 15:05:56 BST


 >During the DISI session at IETF, you volunteered to write-up a
 >description of the intent of a section to be added to the
 >implementation descriptions.  The Connectivity Status section was
 >proposed to describe which pilots the implementation is associated
 >with and lists the number of participating sites.

 >Could you provide us with a few sentences, including examples if
 >possible, that would be be appropriate for conveying this notion to an
 >implementation description author?