Draft of Executive Intro to X.500

"Patricia G. Smith" <psmith> Fri, 15 November 1991 14:25 UTC

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Subject: Draft of Executive Intro to X.500
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First of all ... thanks to Chris, Joyce and Sergio for producing
this document. With all the hoopla about various directory 
services and lack of coherent info, it is most welcome.
Most of my small nits I'll save for next week. One suggestion
I wanted to put out to the list ... I would find it helpful
if a section was added that compares X.500 with WAIS/Z.39.50.
My understanding is that each excels in different areas and
that we have room for all to grow and prosper. But, there is a
lot of confusion 'out there' as to the various plusses and 
minuses of each.  Even though this is an "X.500 document"
I think such a brief summary would be appropriate.
See you in Santa Fe ... Pat
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