Re: X.500, SR/Z39.50 and networked information retrieval

Steve Hardcastle-Kille <> Thu, 12 December 1991 16:30 UTC

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Subject: Re: X.500, SR/Z39.50 and networked information retrieval
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Thanks.     I would like to keep the BOF reasonably focussed on issues
relating to the WAIS approach to Z39.50 and X.500.   I think that it
would not be profitable to drift out into an all-encompassing waffle about
resource discovery and user services.    This is not a criticism of these
areas, but I believe that if we try to solve everything, we will solve 

I believe that issues relating to distributing Archie are already being
covered by another IETF WG.   Wengyiks work on X.500 retrieval is an
important contribution on the relationship of X.500 to this problem, and
we should discuss it in the OSI-DS meeting.

In summary, I am proposing a BOF focussed on two technologies (X.500
and WAIS use of Z39.50).   If people want this, lets go ahead.  If
you would prefer a different BOF, it is open to others to suggest
something. (NB for the BOF to be viable, I need to have a commitment
to attend (and give brief presentations) from some WAIS people).