She wants some information (Russ Wright) Fri, 10 May 1991 20:16 UTC

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From: (Russ Wright)
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Subject: She wants some information

Hello Everyone,
I got the following message from someone who wanted to do some X500 research.  
If I don't hear any objections, I will send her a list of the X.500 survey 
respondents (Early next week).


> Hello,
> I have been very interested by your survey of X500 implementations. I am 
> a Phd in C. Huitema network project at INRIA (Institut National en Recherche
> en Automatisme et Informatique), and I participated to the THORN Esprit 
> (European) project. 
> We have developed at INRIA, the "PIZARRO" directory service (DUA and DSA). 
> For my thesis, I would like to collect all informations about the tools 
> compilers, directory functionalities) used by the projects you contacted.
> Regards,
> 				- Anne-Marie Bustos
> Anne-Marie Bustos,, INRIA Sophia-Antipollis, Projet 
> Phone:(33), INRIA, B.P.109 - 06561 Valbonne Cedex, FRANCE.