Re: "A Catalog of Available X.500 Implementations" now in a WAIS server

Simon E Spero <> Wed, 04 December 1991 13:20 UTC

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\excerptedcaption{Excerpts from mail.wais: 4-Dec-91 Re: "A Catalog of 
Available.. S. Hardcastle-Kille@ac.u (809)}

\quotation{How about holding a BOF one evening at the San Diego IETF in March.

}\quotation{There will be Directory experts present for the OSI-DS and DISI WG

}\quotation{meetings.  Would this be sufficiently interesting for sufficent of 

}\quotation{WAIS people to come?

When is the IETF meeting? There's a meeting of the Z39-50 implementors 
workgroup in Washington starting 

March 4th.   Doncha love mixing and matching protocol suites!

Z39-50 and X.500 seem to have an awful lot of overlap- in theory, it should be 
use Z39-50 to provide almost of the functionality of  X.500  for directory 
services ( Z39-50  lacks an update facility).  Maybe we can add some Update 
PDUs to Version 3 of the Z39-50 draft, and have X.500  formally declared 
obsolete :-] 

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