Status of X.500 Implementation Survey Document

Ruth Lang <rlang@NISC.SRI.COM> Thu, 25 July 1991 15:28 UTC

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Subject: Status of X.500 Implementation Survey Document
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 08:27:31 BST
From: Ruth Lang <rlang@NISC.SRI.COM>

An updated version of "A Catalog of Available X.500 Implementations"
was submitted to on 7/24.  It
reflects changes requested by implementation authors.  

Please plan to BRING YOUR OWN COPY to the DISI session at IETF.

You can obtain the submitted version from either (in
disi/) or (in pub/disi).  Or, once the document has
been advertised as an Internet-Draft, you may obtain it through those

Ruth Lang
Russ Wright