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Depending on the course that a DISI "how to" document takes,
this is another piece of information to which we should 
provide a pointer.

Ruth Lang

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Date:    Fri, 10 Jan 92 10:43:38 +1100
From: (Stephen Chung)
Subject: Release of quipu binary distribution kits (V.1)

Recently, a number of quipu binary DUA/DSA distribution kits (ISODE-7.0) 
have been built by the members of the AARNet Directory Services
Project as an aid for new sites in Australia to join the Australian
Directory Pilot.

Each kit consists of basic tools and document to install, configure
and test the DUA and DSA.

Machine architectures currently supported by the binary kits are as below:

  * SPARC-SHARED.1.0.tar.Z (SUN SPARC - dynamic linked)
  * SPARC-1.0.tar.Z        (SUN SPARC - static linked)
  * Sun3-1.0.tar.Z         (SUN3)
  * RISC-Ultrix-1.0.tar.Z  (DEC-RISC, Ultrix)
  * Pyramid-9800-0.9.tar.Z (Pyramid-9800, no X DUAs)
  * NO_Binaries-1.0.tar.Z  (No binary, only config tools and doc
			    for architectures not yet supported)

Binary kits are available for anonymous ftp from
in /pub/white_pages/KITS.

Any queries regarding these kits should be directed to the members
of the project (

- -Stephen Chung

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