DISI Minutes, November 1992 (Washington IETF)

"Chris Weider" <clw> Wed, 09 December 1992 20:42 UTC

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Subject: DISI Minutes, November 1992 (Washington IETF)

DISI Minutes, November 18, 1992
Washington IETF
Chris Weider, Merit Network, Chair

The agenda was as follows:

1: Review of old minutes

2: Advanced Usages Document

3: Pilot Project Catalog

4: Revision of RFC 1292

5: New papers if needed


  1: There were no changes or additions to the old minutes.

  2: Russ Wright and I mentioned that drafts had (have) been circulated, and
that a final document should be ready for Columbus.

  3: Tim Howes spoke for April Marine, who produced the document, and
distributed a draft just before the Washington IETF.  I mentioned
that April might not be able to see the document through as SRI is 
eliminating its NIC services; Tim graciously agreed to adopt the document if
April has to move on. Most people had not read the paper yet, so comments
should go to the list.

  4: Arlene Getchell and Srinivas Sataluri spoke about the expanded survey that
they will be sending out to solicit updates for RFC 1292. There was some 
discussion of the survey, but there were no substantive changes made.
A first draft of the new FYI should be ready for Columbus.

  5: There was a general consensus that there were no more papers necessary.
Chris Weider mentioned that since there were now several directory services
protocols (whois++ in addition to X.500) that the focus of the group could
profitably be shifted to working on integration between the existing (and
future) directory services to allow the creation of a unified directory 
service. Erik Huizer felt that there was a need for guides for directory
services providers and administrators, and a need to work on data integrity
and maintainability. Consequently, Chris Weider and Tim Howes agreed to
create a charter for a new working group called Integrated Directory Services,
which they would both co-chair as representatives of the different protocols.
This new group will take over all the documents currently under construction
by DISI (especially RFC 1292, which as an FYI must be kept up to date), and
will work on these new issues also. A charter will be released for this
new group by the end of 1992; once the charter has been approved, DISI will
be dissolved.

That's what I have for the minutes. If anyone has additions, clarifications,
or comments, please post them to the list.

Chris Weider
Chair, DISI