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Thank you humble Scrivener.

A copy of these Minutes should be available in the ftp remote directories
sometime tomorrow.



Date: Mon, 27 Jul 92 11:14:21 EDT
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Subject: DISI minutes, Boston, July 16

Minutes for Directory Information Services Infrastructure (DISI)
meeting, July 16, 1992 (Boston)

The agenda for this meeting was:

1: Old minutes
2: Progress on Assigned Documents
3: Assigning Revision of RFC 1292 (X.500 implementations catalog)
4: New Documents
5: Restaurant Location Scheme
6: New Business

1: No corrections were suggested for the old minutes.

2: Two documents were discussed: the Advanced usages of X.500 document and
the 'How to get registered' document. Drafts had not yet been produced, so 
the discussion was rather general. The template sent out to elicit responses
for the Advanced Usages document was circulated, and 3 new fields were added:
Validation Timestamp, Date of Implementation, and Version Number. It was 
mentioned that more than 10 responses for the document had been received.
On the 'How to get registered' document, it was decided that that document
should also incorporate the 'Pilot Project Catalog' document.

3: The duty of revising RFC 1292 was graciously accepted by Sri Sataluri and
Arlene Getchell.

4: Four new documents were discussed: 1) the Pilot Project Catalog, 2) the
DSA setup guide, 3) the Naming Philosophy of X.500 paper, and 4) the Restaurant
location schema paper. The Pilot Project Catalog had already been folded into
the 'How to get registered' paper, and so will not be assigned as a separate
document. The DSA setup guide was shelved as this paper was seen as essentially
being a rewrite of the documentation available with each X.500 implementation.
The Naming Philosophy document was seen as being in OSI-DS's territory, and
the Restaurant Schema paper was seen as belonging to OSI-DS's Schema subgroup.
Thus none of these four papers were assigned in Boston, and they were dropped
from DISI's work list.

5: covered in 4:.

6: There was no new business.

Respectfully Submitted,
Your humble Scrivener,
Chris Weider, Chair.