RE: X.500 Survey status

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Russ, Ruth,

> We are getting contact information for Retix and 
> Siemens and will send mail off to them.

     I hope you hear from them, POUND ON THEIR DOORS (or Email mailboxes)!

> If you have a contact at Wollongong 
> or Unisys, let us know.  If they don't reply, they won't be in the RFC unless 
> someone is willing to write them up (I'm not).   My best guess is that they 
> are not aware of the survey.  Once they are, I'll bet that they will be happy 
> to help us out.

     I just called the Wollongong Group (Palo Alto, CA, 415-962-7100) and am
waiting for a return call from Greg Kingdom.  I also called UNISYS Corp.
(Sunnyvale, CA, 408-737-8000) and am waiting for a return call from Bonnie (?).
I believe these are sales people, but hopefully they will be able to fill-out
the X.500 Survey - or have one of their technical people complete it.

     I'll keep you posted...